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05 Jan Concrete pump truck in reverse to pay attention to the essentials!
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  Concrete pump is a relatively large engineering vehicles, operating the pump truck drivers need to meet the requirements, this article small series for you to introduce the basic operation of reversing.  1, Operation Essentials: after the concrete pump inverted, should observe the situation after the car, and select a good objective for reversing..
28 Dec Brief description of concrete pump truck performance!
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  The secondary structural column pump can effectively solve the problem that the top section near the bottom beam is difficult to cast with high quality in the process of structural column casting, to ensure the smoothness and appearance of the structural column can effectively solve the problem that the top near the bottom beam is difficult to ca..
21 Dec Concrete pump construction process hose operation should be careful
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  The hose operation process should pay attention to the following three aspects of operational details:  1.Contact the front-end hose operator when pumping concrete is started or stopped. The bending radius of the front end hose should be greater than 1m, operators are not allowed to stand at the pipe outlet, to prevent the sudden spouting of conc..
14 Dec Have you taken care of these key parts of the concrete pump truck?
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  Concrete pump truck as the king of concrete machinery. The high efficiency of its construction is welcomed by the market! However, for high-intensity construction work, concrete pump truck is prone to various losses and failures with the increase of service time, so the daily maintenance is very critical, in particular, the core components, key p..
07 Dec Guide for Pump Truck Maintenance
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  Someone said: the cheapest vehicle maintenance is maintenance. Today, I compiled a guide to the maintenance of the pump truck, I hope you can help Oh ~  Pumping part  (1) maintenance of the pumping part of the pump truck such as checking the quality and level of the hydraulic oil every 8 hours when the pump truck is working, and replacing and rep..
30 Nov How's the concrete pump working? See whether these parts have good maintenance
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  In the concrete construction machinery, the production technology of the concrete pump truck is high, and the construction intensity of the domestic construction site is often high, which requires the pump truck boom, the hydraulic system to be extremely high, and also requires the pump truck to have the good stability. Therefore, it is necessary..
24 Nov Concrete pump truck maintenance to pay attention to what three points?
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  The concrete pump truck is no different. The brakes, fuel and tires of the concrete pump truck are particularly important in maintenance. These brakes and tires are related to the running safety of concrete pump truck, and fuel is the power source of concrete pump truck, which accounts for a large proportion of the cost of concrete pump truck.  1..
16 Nov Elementary introduction to the operation of concrete pump truck
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  1. Do not go into dangerous areas to protect yourself and others.  In particular, when starting or closing the outrigger of a concrete pump truck, it is necessary to ensure absolute safety within the range of rotation of the outrigger, where no one can perform this operation, be aware of your own safety and the safety of those around you.   2. St..
09 Nov What happens when the concrete pump truck fails to start?
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  Concrete pump truck because of a long time of work, failure is sometimes inevitable. In particular, no matter how to adjust the pump car can not start. This is the most common engine failure. Today small make-up to take you to understand when the pump truck this situation how to do?  Can not start the engine will appear in two cases 1, adjust the..
02 Nov What principles should be followed when operating concrete mixer pumps?
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   The concrete mixer pump is loved by many constructors because it is convenient to drive and can run at high speed on country road. It can greatly improve the efficiency of construction. In order to ensure the safety of construction, the concrete mixer pump also needs to follow a series of rules of conduct during operation. So what principles sho..
26 Oct Bauma 2022, the grand opening of the Anticipating!
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  Bauma 2022, as promised!   Listening to“The pulse of the industry”  watching“The most important thing in the country”  “Seiko Machinery”, and feeling the atmosphere of“Business Interaction”  on October 24-30,2022, munich Exhibition Center  Germany invites you to enjoy the beauty of Bauma   After three years, Munich international engineering machi..
20 Oct How to deal with the abnormal noise of the boom of concrete pump truck?
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  Concrete pump truck, also known as boom pump truck, because there is an independent boom, the use of quite convenient, so well received by the majority of construction parties welcome. If in the construction of concrete pump truck boom occurred abnormal sound how to deal with it? This is a lot of construction side are very concerned about a probl..
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